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Panic Disorder

Panic Disorder Index Key Ideas
"SOAP" Outline Signs and Symptoms
Differential Diagnosis Clinical Management of Panic Disorder
Medication "Scorecard" Psychosocial, Healthcare and Economic Effects

"SOAP" Outline

  • Subjective: Panic disorder has major impacts in key life areas:
    (Epidemiological Catchment Area Study)
    1. General health
    2. Emotional health
    3. Relationships
    4. Healthcare
  • Objective: Panic disorder has major impacts in the areas of primary care, and specialized medical practice:
    1. Primary care and general medical/surgical specialities
      1. Odds ratio data for primary care visits
      2. Prevalence of medically unexplained symptoms
    2. Psychiatry
      1. Psychiatric conditions have a high rate of comorbidity
      2. Anxiety disorders frequently occur in patients with major depression
  • Assessment:
    1. Panic disorders carry a major cost for individuals, families, communities, health care payors, and the general economy.
    2. Panic disorders are treatable and result in improvement and treatment results in major savings for individuals, families, communities, health care payors, and the general economy.
  • Plan:
    1. Diagnosis
      1. Symptoms
      2. Diagnostic criteria
      3. Differential diagnosis
    2. Treatment algorithm
      1. First line of treatment
      2. Partial efficacy
      3. No efficacy
    3. Treatment phases
      1. Active treatment phase
      2. Continuation treatment phase
      3. Relapse prevention phase

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