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Panic Disorder

Panic Disorder Index Key Ideas
"SOAP" Outline Signs and Symptoms
Differential Diagnosis Clinical Management of Panic Disorder
Medication "Scorecard" Psychosocial, Healthcare and Economic Effects

Differential Diagnosis

  1. Cardiac conditions
    1. Arrhythmias
    2. Supraventricular tachycardia
  2. Endocrine disorders
    1. Hyperthyroidism
    2. Hyperparathyroidism
    3. Pheochromocytoma
  3. Vestibular dysfunctions
  4. Seizure disorders
  5. Other psychiatric conditions
    1. Affective disorders
    2. Other anxiety disorders
      1. Acute stress disorder
      2. Obsessive compulsive disorder
      3. Post-traumatic stress disorder
      4. Social phobia
      5. Specific phobia
    3. Psychotic disorders
    4. Substance abuse and dependence
      1. Withdrawal from central nervous system depressants
        1. Alcohol abuse (Present in 40% of panic disorder patients)
        2. Barbiturates
      2. Stimulants
        1. Cocaine
        2. Amphetamines
        3. Caffeine
      3. Cannabis
      4. Hallucinogens

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