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October 9, 2009 

Athletic Head Injuries Rob Brain Power

Previous studies have revealed that head injuries can impact brain function for football players and a recent University of Michigan project confirmed the risk of dementia.

Head injury is believed to double the risk of dementia.

The risk can be higher for persons who have genes associated with higher rates of dementia.

A single concussion or head injury with loss of consciousness can increase the chances of cognitive deterioration.

Evaluation of total plasma homocysteine and the brain creatine kinase isozyme may be useful in athletes who have sustained head injuries.

Electronic MENDWise


Carl R. Hansen, Jr., M.D.
President and Creator of Premium Brain Support

Beginning October 2009, we are publishing an electronic version of MENDWise because of the feedback received from readers who wanted to see it resume publication after a yearlong hiatus.

This interruption in publication was precipitated

by two factors, my health and the economic downturn experienced in the last year.

MEND has taken this time to retool and refocus on its primary role in advancing brain health and vitality.

The time has come to resume publication of MENDWise.

The electronic format lends itself to more economic and rapid deployment of information.

Your input and feedback are appreciated as the new format develops. It is essential to keep it dynamic. We aim to deliver you the latest and most trustworthy information about brain health.

How Does Epigenetics Effect Gene Health?

Genes can undergo epigenetic changes that can be inherited but do not alter the DNA sequences as in the case of mutation or DNA rearrangement.

DNA can become methylated by enzymes. Depending on how this change has occurred it can increase or decrease the risk of diseases like cancer.

It has also been demonstrated to be important factor in controlling the normal operation of brain.

Proteins, known as histones, are found nearby DNA. They also are subject to biochemical modification. Some of these reactions cause changes in gene expression.

Toxic chemicals, environmental factors and lifestyles have adversely effect the normal epigenetic modifications of the genome. This damage can produce diseases and harm subsequent generations.

The debate of gene versus environment is outmoded. Epigenetics has much to offer in helping to understand the interplay between genes and the complex modern environment.

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Mealtime and Inactivity
Mean Big Weight Gain

Researchers from Northwestern University found that nocturnal feeding increased weight gain in mice compared to those fed during active times.

The mice were fed high-fat meals, which also represents an energy dense diet.

This procedure helped assess the impact of meal timing on weight gain.

Mice fed during rest and sleep times increased body mass by 48% and those fed during active times increased it by an average of 20%.

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