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"GOOD HEALTH assigns a premium value to brain support. True brain power comes from knowledge in action. MEND Solutions™ relies on Nature's purest ingredients. They are the ways and means for a healthy brain and rich life. When life presents opportunities and challenges use these tools to increase your chances of success."

Carl R. Hansen, Jr., M.D.
Founder and President

What We Are and What We Aren't ...

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Working in the supplement industry can at times feel like having a front row seat at a three-ring circus.

The sad truth is that though we live in the 21st century, we must still contend with the same kinds of pseudoscience, pill-pushers and modern-day snake-oil salesmen that haunted the town squares and county-fairs of one hundred years ago.

MEND has received promotional mailings from our competitors. These include glossy, 100-plus page, catalogues filled with colorful images of airbrushed bikini-models and body-builders straight out of "Pumping Iron."

It is enough to make you start wondering if Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens decided to forward us their mail as soon as the Mitchell Congressional Report hit the public.

These companies employ flashy advertising and faulty science to trick consumers into playing a pill-popper's game of Russian Roulette with "health" products that credible and established research shows can do more harm than good.

At MEND, we refer to these catalogues and mailings as “Vita-Porn,” because they represent little more than the nutritional equivalent of Hustler! Who knew Larry Flynt’s alter ego was in the vitamin business?

MEND makes consumer education a priority in a market saturated with such garbage.

Our website, newsletter, postcards and podcasts have offered consumers easy access to no-nonsense information that helps them make safe and informed decisions about their health for many years.

MEND draws on health and medical research conducted at internationally recognized universities and medical research institutions to design its own line of supplements.

This good science highlights the tangible benefits bioavailable vitamins and nutrients can render when taken in the correct amounts and combinations.

MEND clearly understands that the "more is better" paradigm is simply not applicable to supplements. Instead, we believe everyone should work with a health care professional to assess their needs and identify the type and amount of supplements they need.

Unfortunately, some of our competitors appear more interested in bottom-lines and Vita-Porn false hopes and fantasies, than the consumer's well being.

They pay little attention to the research published in peer-reviewed journals. Who knows if they would even understand these articles if they attempted to read them?

Examination of their mailings suggest they prefer to make outlandish promises of slimmer waist-lines, increased stamina and libido and bigger muscles.

MEND doesn't deal in miracle cures or magic-bullets. What we do offer however, is solid science and tools to help you maintain a healthy and vital life.

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