What kind of brain do you want to have today, tomorrow, ten years, twenty years, fifty years,... from now?

What kind of investment do you want to make in your brain?

Do you know what yields the greatest benefits for brain health?

MEND QSA (Questions Solutions and Actions)

Dr. Carl Hansen would like to know:

What's your single most important question about supporting good brain health?

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You may have questions about the role the FAST System™ for Good Health, vitamins, and supplements play in sustaining, developing, and recovering good brain health.

MEND QSA was created to provide solid answers to these questions.

Dr. Hansen is a medical doctor with extensive knowledge and experience with brain health and associated problems for which the systematic apporach of the FAST System™ is crucial.

What are the components of Dr. Hansen's FAST System for Good Health?

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April 17, 2008
What kind of brain do you want?